About Alexandria Love

Alexandria Love is a comedian and writer from Oakland, California. She does not have her life together, and you shouldn’t listen to anything she says. The SF Chronicle once called her a “stand-out”, and the SFist voted her one of the top comedians in San Francisco, but all of that pales in comparison to her crushing self-doubt and overanalyzing of her personality flaws. She has a M.A. in Communications a B.A. in Literature, and about 250k in student loan debt. Her parents tell strangers that they do not have children.

She will, occasionally, do something cool – like be a featured comedian at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, TX, or open for comedian Eddie Pepitone – but for the most part she sits in her bedroom playing the Sims as they experience romantic and platonic relationships that Alexandria can only dream of.

Alexandria enjoys video games, reading, and baseball. She does not like bugs, humidity, or being murdered. If you’d like to contact Alexandria, you can do so through this website, but I would strongly recommend against it. She totally fucking sucks.